Our Story

Sourdough Crumpet Co 

After moving up to the Northern Rivers from Sydney, Chef Tim his wife Zoe and two children began chasing the dream of doing what they love, not sure of where it would lead.

Whilst taking on the roll as stay-at-home dad, and with a little extra time on his hands to play, Tim begun experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle, trying his hand at cheese making, gardening, bread making, meat smoking ect.

After experimenting with sourdough and creating some delicious crumpets, what began as a hobby to treat family and friends, eventually turned into a stall at a local farmers market, then a small commercial production kitchen, next producing the crumpets for cafes and restaurants.

Tim’s crumpets are now fast becoming a must-have item for the lazy weekend breakfast at home, the supermarket variety is now becoming a thing of the past for foodies all over the region.

We are thankful for all the support around us to make our dreams become reality.